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Six weeks in to her first job since qualifying as a veterinary surgeon, feelings of imposter syndrome are beginning to knock Jordan Sinclair's confidence.

10 mins

In part two of his series, Gerardo Poli discusses the secondary survey process and how following “A CRASH PLAN” can help in emergency situations.

5 mins

While uncertain of its description as "the hardest part of the job", Nick Marsh discusses how his thoughts on euthanasia have changed somewhat since his formative years in practice.

13 mins

Channel 4's back-to-basics show Eden – which saw 23 strangers unsuccessfully build a community from scratch – has highlighted the complexity around euthanasia and slaughter, says Jane RVN.

17 mins

In the first of a new two-part series, Gerardo Poli discusses the primary survey process and explains his alphabetical approach to all deteriorating or critical patients.

8 mins

Worried she may be slipping into using too much “vet speak” already, new graduate Jordan Sinclair discusses how language is used in the veterinary profession, both among staff and with clients.

10 mins

In the fifth and final part of this series, Gerardo Poli turns to advanced life support and discusses vasopressors and vagolytic agents, both of which are widely used in veterinary CPR.

10 mins

Mild-mannered veterinary surgeon Nick Marsh recounts two unusual situations from his time in practice when he nearly let his temper get the better of him.

24 mins

Graduation has been and gone – Jordan Sinclair is now on the RCVS register, ready and raring to go. So why is she feeling on edge?

12 mins

In part three of his series on CPR, Gerardo Poli discusses the use of endotracheal intubation, and, when this cannot be immediately achieved, the other ventilation techniques required.

7 mins

Nick Marsh worries the development of a “bonus culture” within corporate practices could lead to fewer people taking their pets to vets as fees rise.

20 mins

In the second part of his series on CPR, Gerado Poli offers an overview of the procedure that must take precedence over everything else: chest compressions.

8 mins