January 2018

Peter Edmondson reviews a talk at the 2017 Australian Veterinary Association Annual Conference focusing on interactions.

11 mins

Sonia Miles presents another Case Notes, this time on a three-year-old African pygmy hedgehog that initially presented after passing a small section of soft tissue material from her vulva.

10 mins

September 2017

Heather McKay reports on the efforts of the charity Wildlife Vets International in saving this endangered animal from extinction.

13 mins

June 2017

Parasitologist Ian Wright discusses the evolving parasite risks facing dogs, including the growing threat of lungworm and ticks.

28 mins

April 2017

CPD provider Improve International has extended its range of one-day courses aimed at practitioners dealing with species other than companion animals, such as goats, alpacas and game birds.

2 mins

October 2016

The BVA is to “carefully consider” a study that casts doubt about the extent to which badgers cause bTB in cattle.

5 mins

August 2016

Vetacademy has added a course on aquatic medicine for vets, vet technicians and aquarists working in the aquarium and aquaculture fields who wish to fast-track their knowledge and skills.

3 mins

Adventurous veterinary staff are being invited to harness paddle power for charity, while getting up close to African wildlife.

3 mins

July 2016

Marie Kubiak outlines how many treatment principles for cats and dogs apply to this species and the importance of gentle handling if presented with one in practice.

28 mins

April 2016

Andrew Knight discusses the opinions aired at a meeting of the All-Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare debating the impact of the Hunting Act and fox-hunting in general.

8 mins

Ali Budgell reports on the biannual Northern Conference of the Veterinary Christian Fellowship, which included a guest speaker, a long hike and lots of games.

6 mins

Chris Sturdy and Suzanne Rogers discuss the objective of their new association to improve the conditions fish are kept in for research, production, conservation and entertainment.

13 mins

Jenny Jaffe, Liam Fitzpatrick, Ian Carter and Tony Sainsbury discuss the work of the Disease Risk Analysis and Health Surveillance for Interventions programme in safeguarding the health of endangered species.

14 mins

March 2016

John Hill explains the important function of these insects as well as some of their threats, including parasitic mites.

21 mins

Marco Falchieri and Mark Burton discuss a plan when scrutinising poultry health on farms, taking into account housing, including cultures and sample tests.

26 mins

February 2016

Chris Palgrave reports on the first meeting of the BBVA at the National Bee Unit and the responsibilities of bee inspectors

11 mins

November 2015

Growing awareness of the plight of British wildlife is leading to more wild animals being … more

13 mins

October 2015

Forensic veterinary medicine covers the range of animals with which veterinary surgeons are involved. Cases … more

28 mins

In recent years, publicity associated with the demise of bees has resulted in an increase … more

8 mins

September 2015

The latest generation of pet owners have grown up with the internet and it’s the … more

13 mins