September 2017

Jonathan Pycock discusses why practitioners who work with competition horses should keep up to date with relevant regulations.

24 mins

John E Cooper and Margaret E Cooper report on a workshop session held for members of the Cambridge University Veterinary Zoological Society.

26 mins

Liz Barton discusses finding a positive attitude to countering the profession’s well-being problems, with resources to help.

21 mins

Roger Evans discusses seasonal difficulties on his farm in the latest Dairy Diary.

16 mins

Tim Greet celebrates the 90th birthday of Peter Rossdale, Rossdales Equine Hospital founder, with a look back on his career.

11 mins

Chanticleer sings from the rooftops on another subject in the veterinary field.

18 mins

Hannah Capon summarises the various topics covered during this Association of Veterinary Anaesthetists gathering in Manchester.

32 mins

Colin Mitchell explains an initiative adopted by the clinic he works in that promotes good mental health among veterinary staff.

12 mins

August 2017

David Beeston muses about why this is considered a taboo subject and what veterinary students can do to overcome stress.

25 mins

How can we manage our time to work more effectively? Here are 15 tips to help you stay sane.

14 mins

Funding a veterinary degree can be a struggle for many students, so getting a little extra financial help can make a real difference. University of Bristol undergraduate Sophie Milligan stepped into the Examination Room to explain how an MSD bursary is helping her studies and enhancing her career prospects.

21 mins

Jenny Moffett discusses approaches on what to do when confronted with irate or disruptive clients in the practice.

24 mins

“Dinosaurs like me should take comfort in the realisation today’s young are far less likely to be influenced by the egos of news presenters, because they seek information from a far wider range of digital sources.”

18 mins

Jeremy Campbell describes his personal experience of setting up his own practice and the lessons he learned along the way.

30 mins

#CALFMATTERS is a vaccination campaign from Merial Animal Health which encourages farmers to vaccinate their calves against calf pneumonia.

2 mins

July 2017

Mat Hennessey reports on a talk given by the renowned actor at the University of Liverpool.

15 mins

Chris Palgrave reports from the British Bee Veterinary Association spring 2017 meeting.

10 mins

Tessa Cornell reflects on an internship she undertook at World Organisation for Animal Health.

10 mins

Anna Jackson BVetMed CertVD MRCVS, veterinary technical team manager at Elanco Animal Health, explores how to treat a common problem that can be difficult to manage.

15 mins

Lucy Irvine, co-president of the University of Glasgow Veterinary Medical Association, takes a student perspective on mental health and well-being in in the veterinary profession, and coping with pressure.

17 mins