May 2021

Dominic Harrison, a final-year student, and vets Mick Millar and Oliver Tilling discuss the clinical signs of this issue and five underlying risk factors that appear to enable its establishment.

31 mins

January 2020

ABSTRACT Calcium deficiency problems are common in dairy cows and tend to increase in herds … more

92 mins

Reproductive and respiratory diseases from autumn 2019 are the focus of Axiom Veterinary Laboratories’ latest update.

27 mins

December 2019

Nicola Gladden discusses the importance of good postpartum care, including the use of analgesia and provision of colostrum.

24 mins

Cases of systemic and miscellaneous diseases from late summer/autumn 2019 are summarised in Axiom Veterinary Laboratories’ latest update.

31 mins

Roger Evans presents his final Dairy Diary column of 2019.

17 mins

November 2019

Tony Andrews runs through considerations when attempting to prevent this condition in calves, including colostrum, hygiene, housing and early disease identification.

60 mins

Valentina Busin discusses how both vets and sheep farmers can prioritise to help ensure a well-planned lambing experience.

38 mins

October 2019

Axiom Veterinary Laboratories’ latest update looks at gastrointestinal and nutritional diseases during late summer 2019 – including cases of parasitic gastroenteritis and mineral deficiency.

39 mins

Vet Sotirios Karvountzis takes a look at the farming industry and the problems it faces in recruiting new farmers, and offers practical advice, highlighting government initiatives and schemes in place, as well as his own training offering, to ensure the industry continues to thrive.

16 mins

Tony Andrews covers the variety of problems, including toxicity, that may occur when feeding this plant to cattle.

36 mins

Jay Tunstall is working with Dai Grove White, Helen Mary Higgins, Joanne Oultram and Karin Mueller at the University of Liverpool to establish a baseline of evidence regarding this issue. Here, Jay discusses how it will help vets support their clients.

35 mins

Ahead of her lecture to recent graduates at BCVA Congress with Lucy Jerram, Jenny Allan discusses why these plans are more than a box-ticking exercise, and how they help start discussions with farmers about animal welfare and disease.

26 mins

In his latest Dairy Diary, Roger Evans explains why he is angry the activities of some farmers bring bad publicity for everyone else.

17 mins

Nicola Gladden reviews the measurement methods available to practitioners and discusses routine herd-based monitoring.

36 mins

September 2019

Owen Atkinson considers the social aspects of antibiotic supply to farms, and steps farmers and vets can take towards responsible use.

41 mins

Immigration Advice Service political correspondent Olivia Bridge explains how post-Brexit immigration rules will impact the agricultural sector, as well as the veterinary workforce and animal welfare as a whole.

17 mins

Roger Evans discusses sales reps and activities particular to certain types of year in his latest Dairy Diary.

19 mins

Neil Sargison discusses principles of control, as well as challenges in the face of gastrointestinal roundworm and lungworm adaptation.

38 mins

August 2019

Owen Atkinson takes a look at research into advancements in understanding this condition to help vets support clients.

33 mins