May 2021

looks at aetiology, epidemiology, treatment, prevention and management for patients with RVHD.

45 mins

Sonya Miles discusses a common presentation in these animals by using a case study – detailing surgery, recovery and outcome.

17 mins

December 2019

Francesco Cian presents the case of an eight-year-old cockatoo seen by a referring veterinary surgeon for a traumatic foot lesion.

6 mins

October 2019

Abigail Edis discusses end-of-life care in these animals, focusing on accepted euthanasia techniques and ensuring welfare.

38 mins

June 2019

Elisabetta Mancinelli details the diagnosis and treatment of this uncommon disease in lagomorphs.

30 mins

Louise Ash describes methods of safely administering anaesthetics in this easily stressed prey species.

33 mins

April 2019

Sonya Miles looks at methods of assessing and managing these symptoms in exotic species.

25 mins

Sonya Miles recalls the case of a four-year-old female snake that presented with a erythematous lesion to the ventrum.

9 mins

February 2019

Mónica Guerrero Méndez discusses the steps taken in a case of an 11-week-old psittacine that presented with this commonly reported condition.

34 mins

Sonya Miles describes her approach to removing a large abdominal mass from a lethargic, poorly cared for lizard

9 mins

December 2018

Louise Ash and Livia Benato take an approach to managing the health of rabbits as a preventive method, with a focus on diet and living conditions.

31 mins

Elisabetta Mancinelli reviews some of the literature regarding analgesic therapy in companion animal exotic pets.

68 mins

November 2018

John Chitty looks at factors contributing to, and ways to prevent and treat, weight gain in this species.

35 mins

Kate Forshaw and Livia Benato outline the perioperative and nutritional management required by these animals, with a focus on ferrets and skunks.

28 mins

October 2018

Elisabetta Mancinelli takes a look at the husbandry and nutritional needs of this complex species.

42 mins

Richard Jones recounts the story of how a male gyrfalcon that flew away before surgery was able to be found safe six days later.

12 mins

Elisabetta Mancinelli takes a look at some of the research in this area in her latest Exotic Encounters.

41 mins

September 2018

Elisabetta Mancinelli delves into some of the latest studies and research conducted into gastrointestinal health in mammals and birds.

29 mins

August 2018

Elisabetta Mancinelli discusses the important topic of effective use of analgesics in small mammals.

55 mins

June 2018

Elisabetta Mancinelli discusses an option that has demonstrated efficacy in dogs for vomiting from multiple causes, and discusses potential use in exotic species.

29 mins