September 2017

Mike Davies summarises a study he conducted that looked into the role and impact of edible seeds and grains in canine diets.

35 mins

Kate Parkinson reports on a case study of a feline with a grass seed in its urethra, from its discovery to treatment and removal.

35 mins

Sarah Caddy examines recently identified canine and feline viruses that have raised interest in the infectious disease world.

35 mins

Marge Chandler discusses managing weight in companion animals, and complications with genetics, environment and diet.

39 mins

Mahy Rodriguez Blanco discusses the consult of Enzo, a six-year-old male, neutered, cross-breed rescue dog, with a left forelimb lameness.

7 mins

Francesco Cian asks for your diagnosis when presented with two images from a bronchoalveolar lavage of an adult male dog with a history of chronic cough.

6 mins

August 2017

In the first of a two-part article, Ian Wright looks at established and emerging tapeworms causing zoonotic and financial risk.

34 mins

Alex Gough presents a review of some of the latest research in veterinary medicine.

16 mins

Martha Cannon, in the first of a two-part article, discusses guidelines and possible negative effects to look for regarding feline vaccines.

32 mins

In his latest Cytology Corner, Francesco Cian discusses the images from an aspirate from a mass on a digit of a 12-year-old dog.

6 mins

Third-year veterinary student Rosana Caianiello looks at a study from The University of Edinburgh that revealed a link between a dog’s genes and the shape of its skull.

8 mins

Ellen Lavender reflects on the case of an injured lurcher to discuss the challenge of treating stray or lost animals – and how financial considerations play a part in decision-making.

18 mins

Katherine Clarke discusses the clinical examination and blood results for an 11-year-old cocker spaniel with worsening haematuria.

8 mins

Albane Fauron and Karen Perry, in the second of a three-part article, discuss how to spot this condition in dogs and methods of examination.

July 2017

Jon Hardy looks at the aetiology, clinical signs, management and prevention around pyotraumatic dermatitis in canines.

24 mins

Alex Gough looks at a study into the most common acquired cardiac disorders of cats, plus others, in his latest Research Review.

17 mins

Clare Wilson discusses the importance of puppy socialisation in fostering desired behaviour to take through to adult life.

39 mins

Yordan Fernandez and James Warland look at multiple endocrinopathies in dogs, diagnosing the various disorders and the management options.

47 mins

Kate Parkinson details the case of a feline patient that presented with a hard testicular swelling during routine castration, before discussing airgun injuries.

36 mins

Mike Davies summarises evidence found on the use of these supplements in cats and dogs with this joint disease.

35 mins