August 2019

Alastair Mather and Jon Hall discuss the initial presentation of this issue in canine and feline patients, as well as decision-making for surgery.

40 mins

In the second of a two-part series, Peter Kukadia looks at bacterial infection of the skin and pitfalls when discussing this complex condition with clients.

23 mins

Hany Elsheikha summarises the latest thinking on preventive health care, and discusses the importance of owners adhering to control programmes to ensure they are successful.

34 mins

Victoria Robinson, using case examples, looks at treatment and management of this chronic problem, including owner advice.

31 mins

Francesco Cian’s latest Haematology Hub column reviews the case of a dog that presented with loss of appetite, exercise intolerance and a history of persistent anaemia.

8 mins

July 2019

Serena Bassolino looks at common complications in anaesthetising patients, assessment of the situation and best course of action.

31 mins

Peter Kukadia looks at dealing with client expectations, queries and complaints related to diagnosing and treating skin disorders.

44 mins

Alix McBrearty describes methods of detecting renal conditions, including blood and urine testing, as well as imaging.

46 mins

Ian Self discusses management and, using various case examples, treatment options in canine and feline patients.

46 mins

Kelly Bowlt-Blacklock and James Warland consider situations where antibiotics are appropriate in patients undergoing surgery (part 3 of 3).

17 mins

Francesco Cian presents haematology slides from another case in the latest in his Veterinary Times series.

6 mins

Sarah Caney describes how accurate diagnosis of urinary disorders in patients is often vital to successful management.

24 mins

Chris Palgrave and Annedine Conradie present the case of a young cocker spaniel with a malformation on the omphalomesenteric duct.

6 mins

June 2019

This article focuses on a previously unrecognised tooth fracture noticed by the referring veterinary surgeon during a routine dental scale and polish.

8 mins

Ian Wright takes a look at the importance of accurate parasite control, as well as latest data findings and innovations for tackling household infestations.

31 mins

Karen Walsh looks at uses and latest developments in analgesics, as well as types available in canine and feline patients.

51 mins

Francesco Cian discusses a blood sample from an adult neutered poodle in the latest Haematology Hub.

7 mins

Fiona Adam and Marco Armellini present history, physical examination and ultrasound findings to help diagnose a cat's behavioural problem.

15 mins

Ian Wright advocates the blood smear as a useful screening tool for immediate results on a broad range of parasites.

44 mins

Andrea Holmes looks at this condition in a canine patient, and outlines recommended management and monitoring.

8 mins