September 2017

Livia Benato looks at the increasing problem of obesity in this species, size assessment and weight reduction methods.

41 mins

Andrew Forbes discusses strategies for eliminating mange and lice over the housing period, including some case studies.

41 mins

Jonathan Pycock discusses why practitioners who work with competition horses should keep up to date with relevant regulations.

24 mins

John E Cooper and Margaret E Cooper report on a workshop session held for members of the Cambridge University Veterinary Zoological Society.

26 mins

Liz Barton discusses finding a positive attitude to countering the profession’s well-being problems, with resources to help.

21 mins

Mike Davies summarises a study he conducted that looked into the role and impact of edible seeds and grains in canine diets.

35 mins

Roger Evans discusses seasonal difficulties on his farm in the latest Dairy Diary.

16 mins

Tim Greet celebrates the 90th birthday of Peter Rossdale, Rossdales Equine Hospital founder, with a look back on his career.

11 mins

David Rendle discusses measures he considers should be taken to manage obesity in horses, in the first of a two-part article.

50 mins

Kate Parkinson reports on a case study of a feline with a grass seed in its urethra, from its discovery to treatment and removal.

35 mins

Elisabetta Mancinelli discusses one of the most important diseases among females of all species, including humans.

21 mins

Sarah Caddy examines recently identified canine and feline viruses that have raised interest in the infectious disease world.

35 mins

Chanticleer sings from the rooftops on another subject in the veterinary field.

18 mins

Sheep lameness is a prevalent issue on UK farms, and, with sheep farming margins already challenging, preventing and tackling it is important, say the authors.

50 mins

Removing BVD from the UK herd would go a long way in improving cow fertility, productivity and calf health and welfare, says Alex Perkins.

42 mins

Here, Owen Atkinson reviews some aspects of mastitis control at drying off and through the dry period, including immediately after calving.

47 mins

Paul Wood discusses why strategies for treatment and control of coccidiosis should play an important part in herd and flock health planning.

27 mins

Monitoring and evaluating possible infestations and control measures is vital, says Mike Taylor.

33 mins

Marge Chandler discusses managing weight in companion animals, and complications with genetics, environment and diet.

39 mins

Sophie Mahendran looks at diarrhoea in calves and rehydrating those with the condition by administering fluids via the IV and oral routes.

28 mins