February 2018

Catch and balance the sugar lumps to win points in this game.

January 2018

Peter Edmondson reviews a talk at the 2017 Australian Veterinary Association Annual Conference focusing on interactions.

11 mins

Sonia Miles presents another Case Notes, this time on a three-year-old African pygmy hedgehog that initially presented after passing a small section of soft tissue material from her vulva.

10 mins

November 2017

In the last of four Q&A videos on feline diabetes mellitus, Prof Stijn Niessen answers questions from Vet Times users on the topics of insulin and monitoring.

10 mins

Karen Walsh discusses studies into a variety of therapeutic options regarding canine and feline patients with this condition.

56 mins

Elisabetta Mancinelli presents the third part of a her series on spontaneous mammary tumours, this time focusing on hamsters and hedgehogs.

23 mins

Michael Head explores the use of advanced techniques for inseminating cows, focusing on a variety of available methods.

34 mins

Belinda Rose discusses the use of ovulatory induction agents and post-covering treatments in reducing early pregnancy loss in horses.

29 mins

Donal Murphy recaps on how this perscribing method works, citing practical examples, and explains the safe usage of ‘specials’.

14 mins

Peter Edmondson in the first of a six-part article series, shares his findings on how a veterinary surgeon way of life differs down under.

15 mins

Ronald Jones celebrates the career of Barbara Weaver, who received an honorary professorship on her 90th birthday.

Hany Elsheikha looks at the groups of worms that infect cattle and discusses effective control and infection management.

37 mins

Holger Volk discusses various novel concepts and alternative options for managing this prevalent disease in canine patients.

52 mins

Marge Chandler discusses developments in the use of live bacteria and yeasts to combat various companion animal disorders.

41 mins

Our Grad Expectations columnist Dave Beeston runs the rule over his first day as a veterinarian.

26 mins

Dikla Arad discusses a left eye problem in a four-year-old male castrated Jersey Wooly rabbit.

9 mins

Alex Gough discusses more findings and studies from veterinary medicine in the latest Research Review.

14 mins

A three-month sabbatical became a permanent relocation when New Zealand vet Jonathan Bray accepted a full-time role at Fitzpatrick Referrals Oncology and Soft Tissue Hospital. Having unpacked and settled in, Dr Bray made another momentous move – by stepping into the Examination Room.

23 mins

Cattle health and production specialist Sara Pedersen summarises an on-farm case study where a different approach to tackling digital dermatitis was successfully employed.

6 mins

October 2017

Cecilia Villaverde discusses how to define whether a small animal is considered old and ways of dealing with dietary needs.

37 mins