August 2019

Alastair Mather and Jon Hall discuss the initial presentation of this issue in canine and feline patients, as well as decision-making for surgery.

40 mins

Amelia Lawrence and Emily Haggett emphasise the critical importance of horse owner education for maintaining adequate “herd immunity”.

24 mins

In the second of a two-part series, Peter Kukadia looks at bacterial infection of the skin and pitfalls when discussing this complex condition with clients.

23 mins

John E Cooper and Margaret E Cooper provide an overview of proceedings from a workshop held in Kenya.

36 mins

Hany Elsheikha summarises the latest thinking on preventive health care, and discusses the importance of owners adhering to control programmes to ensure they are successful.

34 mins

Jacqueline Matthews and Corrine Austin discuss managing and treating this parasite in horses, as well as integrating treatment in sustainable control programmes.

33 mins

Sally Wilson uses her first-hand experience to discuss the skill behind creating user-friendly on-farm protocols.

33 mins

Dave Beeston writes about some paraclinical and non-veterinary-specific adventures that have made him more self-aware…

27 mins

Paul Wood discusses the clinical presentation of this infection, and eradication schemes in place across the UK and Europe.

34 mins

Victoria Robinson, using case examples, looks at treatment and management of this chronic problem, including owner advice.

31 mins

Some people take an extremely circuitous route to the veterinary sector – and one such person is The Webinar Vet chairman Rob Noble. A trained electronics engineer with experience working for NASA, Rob has had a fascinating working life – so we asked him into the Examination Room to tell Veterinary Times readers about it…

23 mins

Francesco Cian’s latest Haematology Hub column reviews the case of a dog that presented with loss of appetite, exercise intolerance and a history of persistent anaemia.

8 mins

Vet Albane Fauron has thought a lot about the formative years of her veterinary career path in the hope of helping the next generation. Among the reflections she wants to share with others: go the extra mile, keep an open mind, don’t undersell yourself and stay the right side of the fine line…

25 mins

Annamaria Nagy discusses the therapy options and management protocols for patients that have this issue due to overstrain.

37 mins

July 2019

Serena Bassolino looks at common complications in anaesthetising patients, assessment of the situation and best course of action.

31 mins

Peter Kukadia looks at dealing with client expectations, queries and complaints related to diagnosing and treating skin disorders.

44 mins

The reasons vets come into the profession are often the same – a love of animals and a concern for their welfare – and Jenny Duncan is no different. Once qualified, however, the number of career options are many and varied – as illustrated by the University of Liverpool senior lecturer in livestock health and welfare. We asked Jenny to step into the Examination Room to find out more…

16 mins

Richard Jones describes an avian case where immediate surgical intervention was deemed its only hope of survival.

11 mins

Adam Bernstein delves into the legal issues for employers looking to engage his or her very first worker – from advertising the role to liability insurance.

16 mins

Alix McBrearty describes methods of detecting renal conditions, including blood and urine testing, as well as imaging.

46 mins