March 2019

Louise Northway tells us why she believes clinical audits are useful and how you can follow in her footsteps by implementing them in practice.

21 mins

RVN and BVNA council member Gareth McCormack talks about the challenges of being LGBT+ in vet practice, and how those who identify as such are not on their own and are appreciated – however bad the situation may seem from the inside...

10 mins

February 2019

RVN Jane Davidson reflects on how she came to land her dream job and discover a flair for writing – something that may never have come to light if life had not thrown a few curveballs...

9 mins

January 2019

While mourning the passing of her wilful ward, RVN Jane Davidson recounts their time together as a warning to those considering the purchase of a brachycephalic breed due to their “cute” factor.

17 mins

BVNA president Wendy Nevins reflects on the power – and importance – of belonging to the association’s family.

7 mins

Matthew Rendle – an RVN with more than 25 years’ experience, with a particular interest around the care and welfare of exotic species in captivity and the wild – embarks on the first of his new column series by introducing himself to readers and sharing his career journey to date.

16 mins

RVN Verity Johnson – of Sandhole Veterinary Centre in Snodland, Kent – discusses the feline-friendly protocols she and her colleagues conduct daily to put patients at ease and ensure a successful consult/stay.

8 mins

Bursary winner Martin Peters reflects on his hopes for the future and acknowledge the presence of a few butterflies as he embarks on his new adventure in emergency and critical care.

8 mins

December 2018

This month, RVN and BVNA council member Gemma Reeve reaches out to colleagues to remind them that, even at the toughest times of the year, the association is there for them.

5 mins

This month, VN council vice-chairman Liz Cox throws down the gauntlet to fellow veterinary nurses to take the lead on quality improvement in practice for the benefit of all.

7 mins

November 2018

BVNA honorary treasurer Erika Feilberg discusses work-life balance and how sometimes, you have to say no.

8 mins

October 2018

VN Times editor Holly Kernot uses Lewis Carroll’s timeless tome to discuss the array of adventures RVNs embark on and ask readers, where do you want to go?

5 mins

RVN Donna Lewis reflects on her BVNA council experiences, return to the post and how fellow VNs could make a difference by being members.

7 mins

This month, RCVS Knowledge writers give RVNs the lowdown on how to obtain and review the very best in CPD.

7 mins

September 2018

In her final column, Louise gives advice on anaesthetising septic patients – from planning to implementing protocols.

23 mins

From the banning of puppy and kitten sales in pet shops to outlawing electric shock collars, Holly Kernot summarises the spate of notable victories for animal welfare that took place in August.

6 mins

August 2018

RVN Jo Oakden explains how a serendipitous moment led to her becoming a BVNA council member, and what goes on away from the public eye.

7 mins

In her latest foreword, VN Times editor Holly Kernot delves into the history of men and women’s rights to vote, to implore nurses to get involved and have their say.

5 mins

July 2018

The annual VN Times calendar competition returns for 2018 with the theme of “Out and about”, so submit your photos of animals in the great outdoors for the chance to win a £1,000 Amazon gift card.

6 mins

As brachycephalic breeds are becoming more popular, but rising numbers are also being taken to rehoming centres, Laura Richards suggests if VNs can use their rapport with clients to educate them via pre-purchase consultations.

12 mins