January 2018

RVN Michelle Cox talks readers through how her veterinary practice is helping frightened dogs cope with their much-needed trips to the clinic.

38 mins

November 2017

Louise O’Dwyer highlights the measures that need to be taken to prevent infection, both during and after catheterisation.

27 mins

Dan Skeldon highlights different management options VNs can help with and advise their clients on regarding degenerative joint disease in canine and feline pets.

57 mins

The end is nigh for Ruth Clooney-Power and her emergency and critical care certificate, financed by the VN Times bursary she won. You can do it, Ruth – you're so close!

6 mins

RVN Louise O'Dwyer takes a look at the therapy needed for – and the requirements of – critical pneumonia patients.

7 mins

RVN Sarah Nicholson spotlights a case that not only led to a unique treatment being undertaken, but a new pet for her, too...

21 mins

SVN and BVNA student council representative Jasmine Kilpatrick reminds readers of the importance of social media etiquette.

7 mins

Marge Chandler takes a look at cases in practice where these live microbial species may be of help to cats and dogs.

45 mins

VN Times editor Rebecca Hubbard fills readers in on one of two open days at Mars’ Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition.

13 mins

RVN Alexandra Taylor asks why cats often receive suboptimal pain relief, and how VNs have a key role in challenging this...

7 mins

October 2017

With ownership of exotic species on the rise, Matthew Rendle helps RVNs understand what they need to become a “good” VN for these animals, such as minimal fear and a willingness to try hard…

28 mins

Stephanie Hedges helps RVNs navigate the world of pet behaviour – from its importance and how to get involved, to how influential the vet nurse is in the field.

35 mins

Should care bundles replace nursing care plans in veterinary practice? Helen Ballantyne looks at a tool widely used in human nursing and discusses the potential benefits.

27 mins

VN Times editor Rebecca Hubbard introduces two tales of VNs heading to South Africa to assist in relieving the plight of the rhino.

2 mins

RVNs Sara Harman and Jade Juniper describe their practice’s experiences with a TV crew as it filmed the team’s every move for a behind-the-scenes CBBC children’s show...

16 mins

RVN Scott Parry – using his practice’s health plan as an example – offers advice on what his peers can do if they wish to get on board...

17 mins

BVNA council member Erika Feilberg reflects on her time as a member of the BVNA and what the association has achieved since she got involved.

8 mins

RVN Emma Gerrard, with Guy Fawkes Night on the horizon, looks at what advice VNs can give owners to help petrified pets cope through this period.

37 mins

Anaesthesia is challenging enough, and in neonatal and paediatric patients, even more so. RVN Louise O’Dwyer offers some help in this tricky area.

7 mins

RVN Wendy Sneddon attempts to help VNs in team situations – as manager, leader or member – be the best they can be to benefit both staff morale and business potential.

21 mins