August 2019

As third year at vet school beckons, promising a move away from theory and into the uncharted waters of clinical training, Eleanor Goad takes stock of how far she’s already come in two short years.

6 mins

As A-level results day looms, vet student Eleanor Goad busts some of the myths around what it takes to get into vet school. Yes, grades matter, but so does passion.

16 mins

July 2019

Vet student Eleanor Goad explains why preclinical EMS plays a vital role in shaping young vets and teaching the essential skills they’ll need before taking their first steps into a veterinary practice.

15 mins

Having experienced one of the warmest June days for 40 years, and with a return to higher temperatures on the horizon, Eleanor Goad offers tips on keeping pets cool – including some lesser discussed species.

13 mins

June 2019

Mere days after exam period comes to its torturous conclusion, student vet Eleanor Goad advises her peers to sit back, relax and heed the words of Hollywood legend Doris Day.

8 mins

Student Eleanor Goad wonders whether it is a veterinary professional’s inability to “switch off” at the end of a day that leads vets and nurses to suffer stress more than those in other occupations.

10 mins

May 2019

Vet student Eleanor Goad delves into what she considers the “ultimate battle between head and heart” for any vet – weighing up the desire to keep an animal alive against the need to assure quality of life.

8 mins

Student blogger Eleanor Goad considers conservation, climate change and why it’s never been more important to encourage graduates to “forego the comfort zones of first opinion practice”.

8 mins

April 2019

When you’re bogged down by routine and struggling to keep your head above water, it's all too easy to forget what made you want to become a vet in the first place, writes vet student Eleanor Goad.

12 mins

On the occasion of her mother’s 50th birthday, vet student Eleanor Goad takes the opportunity to thank her family for the support they provided in order to get her where she is today.

11 mins

March 2019

Vet student Eleanor Goad highlights the importance of raising public awareness of the health issues brachycephalic breeds face.

7 mins

Jordan Sinclair reflects on experiencing having a patient of hers die on the operating table.

12 mins

Stress is inevitable, says Eleanor Goad, but it's how you cope with it that makes you develop in your personal and professional life.

8 mins

February 2019

Certain dog breeds still get a bad rap, says student Eleanor Goad, arguing that if more breeders were responsible, these negative stereotypes would be put to rest.

9 mins

Eleanor Goad on why potential dog and cat owners shouldn't focus all their attention on pedigree breeds as a way of stopping more animals at shelters from being euthanised.

8 mins

January 2019

Eleanor Goad on why it's enriching for everyone to branch out and diversify in life and research.

9 mins

Don't get trapped in the vet bubble, warns student Eleanor Goad, seek friends outside of your world to help keep yourself sane.

8 mins

December 2018

Eleanor Goad talks about finishing university for Christmas and... getting down for some serious revision in time for the next batch of exams.

10 mins

Eleanor Goad recalls her decision to be a vet dictating her choice of A-levels and how the possibilities for vet students are almost infinite due to the variety of jobs available.

11 mins

November 2018

Eleanor Goad steps into the debate on Iceland’s banned Christmas advert about the use of palm oil in commercial products, saying, while the situation isn't entirely black and white, it is a step in the right direction.

12 mins