November 2019

Modern imaging modalities have revolutionised veterinary care, but deciding what you need, how much to pay for it and when to use it remain complicated decisions. Here, Mark Gill from Goddard Veterinary Group explains why it’s important to ensure the numbers add up...

24 mins

October 2019

People are built to worry about the future, skilled professionals especially. In this article, futurists and innovation consultants Greg Dickens and Guen Bradbury outline some possible futures for the veterinary profession, and suggest ways to be ready to get the most out of it...

26 mins

August 2019

Telemedicine has been with us for many years in one form or another, but recent developments have upped the ante for veterinary practices of all shapes and sizes – so be prepared...

27 mins

December 2017

Having a website is no longer enough to cut the mustard. Dave Nicol explains why practices must develop a structured digital strategy to turn those clicks into clients.

29 mins

We all know social media is a necessary evil of modern veterinary practice. However, as Julia Bramble spotlights, it can be used as a powerful, bottom line-boosting tool…

32 mins

October 2017

Developing a social media strategy is fundamental for your practice's ability to communicate with existing clients. However, as Justin Phillips states, it is also vital in attracting new pet owners and differentiating yourself from the others in town...

24 mins

September 2017

Technology in all its forms has already proved to be a huge disruptor for veterinary practices across the UK. Staying up to date with the latest developments can be a challenge, but upsides exist for those willing to embrace these advances. We asked our panel to share their vision of this brave new world.

48 mins

March 2017

Do you know a ‘hashtag’ from a ‘like’? Have you the confidence to post content on your practice social media? Elanco’s Linn Adams offers hints and tips on what social media platforms to use and content that will appeal to clients.

18 mins

November 2016

You may think your practice management system is already running to its full potential. But, as Nick Lloyd explains, when it comes to administration, data transfer and disease control, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

20 mins

October 2016

Digital media has revolutionised the way many vets and VNs fulfil their CPD obligations. Accessing learning online is often cheaper, faster and more convenient than traditional modalities. So, is there still a case to be made for event-based learning? James Westgate reports.

16 mins

September 2016

Dr Ernie Ward explains what modern veterinary practices can do to promote active advocacy, create value and boost credibility in the new trust economy.

21 mins

Find out why more and more veterinary practices are using Manx Telecom’s Chameleon Direct SIMs to get the best mobile phone coverage when out on call.

8 mins

August 2016

When it comes to promoting your practice online, Google’s artificial intelligence algorithm RankBrain could be a game changer, according to Bash Halow.

9 mins

June 2016

The way veterinary practices communicate with clients has changed enormously during the past decade. Tech-savvy clients now expect to be contacted by SMS and email, and practices failing to do so could well be missing out in more ways than one, says Jamie Crittall

16 mins

A survey conducted by Dimensional Research and published by Marketing Land showed 90% of customers reported their purchasing choices are influenced by online reviews. Here, Casandra Pearson explains how to manage these reviews to protect the online reputation of your practice.

17 mins

Developments in the world of imaging technology have brought big benefits to practice – both clinically and commercially. Here, Jon Mills makes the case for portable and CR X-ray.

7 mins

May 2016

Financial secretary to the Treasury David Gauke has outlined plans to transform HMRC into one of the world’s most digitally advanced tax administrations, a proposal likely to have wide-reaching ramifications, according to one taxation expert...

18 mins

February 2016

Helping you reach out to both current and potential customers on a regular basis, e-newsletters are … more

15 mins

December 2015

Your practice management system (PMS) is most effective when used as an information provider rather than … more

18 mins

August 2015

Oh no. We overhauled our practice website a couple of years ago and it needs doing … more

16 mins