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English bull terrier Peppa was stolen from a garden in Cardiff in December 2019 and is still missing, despite having a microchip.

4 mins

WSAVA advisory document confirms no evidence exists that pets or other domestic animals can be infected with 2019 n-CoV or that they may be a source of infection to people.

4 mins

Burgess Excel Vet Awards aim to celebrate rabbit-friendly vets, veterinary nurses and practices.

7 mins

WSAVA advisory document confirms no evidence exists that pets or other domestic animals can be infected with 2019 n-CoV or that they may be a source of infection to people.

4 mins

Compassionate TB advisor named Dairy Vet of the Year at the Cream Awards.

3 mins

Product could protect against the bacteria in animals from seven weeks old if piglets are vaccinated at the earlier treatment time of three weeks, according to MSD.

3 mins

New cases reported across England and Wales as researchers continue to probe the aetiology of the mystery dog disease.

2 mins

Vet and mum who “isn’t very good at distance running” aims to rack up the miles to raise money for the charity.

3 mins

Names confirmed for 2020 RCVS council elections, with a record 13 veterinary nurses putting themselves forward for VN council.

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Mitral valve disease: timeline of a degenerative condition in dogs

Practice Profile: Hawthorn Veterinary Surgeries

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Concluding this series, Gerardo Poli discusses how to make a mentoring relationship a success.

As friends approach completion of their courses and contemplate their next steps, vet student Eleanor Goad shares her thoughts on keeping focus, despite sometimes feeling like a campus pensioner.

JaneRVN marks the passing of her canine companion by recounting fond memories of the Pekingese princess that exuded confidence, lived in the moment and taught Jane to face life head on.

Having discussed preparing to become a mentee and deciding what you want to achieve from the role, Gerardo Poli explains how to approach – and ask – a prospective mentor.

Recent graduate and mixed practice vet David Charles offers advice for students who are thinking of following the same route into the profession.

17 mins

Jordan Sinclair discusses how pet owning is carbon costly, but looking at the bigger picture, pets could reduce an owner’s carbon footprint due to the type of lifestyle he or she adopts to care for them.

What do you want to achieve from your relationship with your mentor? Gerardo Poli urges mentees to consider this before beginning their search, to ensure a successful partnership.

Cancer, despite being feared, is a broad term for various diseases that share a similar cause. Nick Marsh classifies tumours based on the cells they’re derived from and how they appear down the microscope.

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Nicola Bates BSc(Brunel), BSc(Open), MSc, MA, SRCS and Nicola Robinson BSc, MA, VetMB, MRCVS offer practical advice for first opinion practitioners – including history taking, decontamination and referring cases.

47 mins

Rosanne Jepson BVSc, MVetMed, PhD, DipACVIM, PGCertVedEd, FHEA, MRCVS discusses what barriers can prevent this from being performed in practice and how to overcome them, while providing case examples.

42 mins

Francesco Cian, DVM, DipECVCP, FRCPath, MRCVS, discusses the case of Nala, a nine-month-old Dobermann referred for a small lesion on her nose in the first of his Diagnostic Dilemmas series.

11 mins

Kate Loomes BVSc(hons), MSc, CertAVP(EP), CertAVP(VA), CertAVP(EM), DipECVAA, MRCVS in the first of a two-part article, looks at the intraoperative issues that can arise while horses are under anaesthesia.

66 mins

Helen Browning BVM&S, MSc, MSc, PhD, MRCVS, reviews proceedings from the Vet Trust Conference 2019 companion animal lecture stream, which she attended at the University of Stirling.

25 mins

ABSTRACT Calcium deficiency problems are common in dairy cows and tend to increase in herds … more

92 mins

Robert E Matus DVM, MS, DipACVIM (Oncology and SAIM), MRCVS, discusses presentation, diagnosis and treatment of this lymph node disease.

25 mins

Dave Beeston, BVetMed(Hons), MRCVS, reflects on his first foray into teaching, presenting a session as a member of the RVC staff.

21 mins

nursing content

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Samantha Ware considers the nutritional imbalances that can arise in home-prepared meals, as well as the benefits of this growing trend.

8 mins

Louise Northway reinforces the scale of anaesthetic role veterinary nurses play, as well as possibilities for further training and advanced physiological parameters that can be monitored.

41 mins

BVNA honorary secretary Gemma Reeve ponders what 2020 will bring to the profession.

4 mins

Ethylene glycol poisoning is extremely serious in cats and such cases are likely to increase in the winter months – Sarah Collins tells us more.

6 mins

Laura Lacey offers practical advice on tackling this common, and often difficult, issue.

28 mins

BVNA president Jo Hinde reflects on 2019 and looks forward at the year ahead.

7 mins

Emma Gerrard offers advice to give to owners to avoid disaster over the Christmas holidays and what to do if it strikes.

23 mins

Rebecca Westwood explains how working abroad made her the person she is today, why she forged her own business, and why holistic therapy can complement veterinary medicine and benefit all parties.

33 mins

business content

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VBJ familiarises readers with the association's history, membership and key activities, as well as its outgoing and incoming presidents.

4 mins

VBJ familiarises readers with the association's history, membership and key activities, as well as its outgoing and incoming presidents.

6 mins

Discover how working with MWI Animal Health can help your practice thrive in 2020 and beyond...

16 mins

A growing number of US private practice owners have breathed new life into their businesses and taken a wrecking ball to others on their journey to becoming the best. Here are some of the things US vets did the past five years to stay ahead of the competition, deliver standout care and keep employees engaged...

17 mins

Kay Scarlett, practice manager at Westwood Veterinary Surgery, tells her Petplan story...

5 mins

The best way to deliver safe, effective and high-quality treatment is to use the most up-to-date evidence available, but doing so can often seem too challenging in practice...

15 mins

VetShare members offer testimonials on their experiences with the buying group, which provides serves to independent vets.

1 mins

Veterinary practices can often be chaotic working environments without the right systems in place. Buy by introducing a culture of improvement and accountability, order can be brought to the chaos.

18 mins

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